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This is the public website of the GRASAC Knowledge System, a digital repository of Great Lakes Aboriginal material culture and heritage items.  To learn more about the history and people involved in GRASAC, see the About GRASAC tab above; for a taste of our research, take a look at the online Exhibits below.  If you are a GRASAC member, use the GKS4 tab above to access the current version of the research database. We welcome your comments and feedback through the Contact Us tab above.  Thanks for visiting!

Exhibits: Selected GRASAC Research

Ojibwe woman collecting sap (1908)

A socio-cultural history of Anishinaabe practices of harvesting and trading maple syrup and sugar. Curated by Alan Corbiere (2015).

This short exhibit presents four interpretations of Chief Assiginack’s Canoe, a notable birch mark miniature model canoe held in the collection of the Canadian Museum of History. Curated by Crystal Migwans (2013).

A brief exhibit designed to showcase four interdisciplinary perspectives on a remarkable Anishinaabe drum now held at the British Museum. Curated by Crystal Migwans (2013).

Full view of wooden war club

Four different perspectives on a beautiful carved wooden club, which is now found in the collection of the National Museum of the American Indian. Curated by Crystal Migwans (2013).

This exhibit showcases four interdisciplinary interpretations of a knife with a detailed beaded sheath (from the collection of the Canadian Museum of History). Curated by Crystal Migwans (2013).