GRASAC Knowledge Sharing

  • A place to explore the histories and traditional knowledges of the Great Lakes region
  • A place to create new knowledge
  • A place to link the past with the present
  • A place to enrich the areas of oral history, material culture, archival documents, photographs, language and art by illuminating Indigenous knowledge and perspectives

The Great Lakes Research Alliance for the Study of Aboriginal Arts and Cultures (GRASAC) is an international collaboration of researchers based in universities, museums and Aboriginal communities working together to digitally reunite Great Lakes heritage that is currently scattered in many museums and archives. GRASAC’s main goals are to create new understandings of historic Great Lakes heritage that incorporate multiple knowledges, both cultural and disciplinary, about the arts, Indigenous languages, identity, territoriality and governance; to offer digital access to Great Lakes heritage held in repositories around the world; and to provide a virtual platform for individual and collaborative research.

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